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EUA: integração das medicinas alternativas

Queridos Amigos,

Nos EUA há cada vez mais hospitais, cerca de 37%, a usufruirem das medicinas alternativas como acupuntura, massagens, reiki, musicoterapia, arteterapia, entre outras. Os doentes dizem que experienciarem estes métodos só lhes traz benefícios:

"Having the human touch and knowing that someone is paying very personal attention to you helps. It keeps everything from being so medical. (...)The majority of hospitals say that patient satisfaction is the No. 1 way they determine if an alternative treatment is beneficial, closely followed by clinical data on a treatment. Cleveland Clinic just completed a complementary and alternative therapy pilot program for patients undergoing heart surgery. Half of the patients — more than 1,700 — opted for spiritual care, counseling, art, music, touch therapy or guided imagery, and 93% of patients surveyed said the services were helpful. (...) Betty Carlson, 79, of Fenton, Mich., doesn't need to be sold on the benefits. She received regular sessions with a Reiki therapist, a form of spiritual healing, and a spiritual adviser during her month-long stay at Cleveland Clinic after open heart surgery. As a retired nursing home administrator, Carlson says she was skeptical when first introduced to Reiki by a friend, but she quickly discovered how it helped relieve pain: "It was very relaxing, and a gift toward my healing."


The percentage of U.S. hospitals that offer the following complementary and alternative therapies for their patients (Note: Services offered for inpatients):

 2005: 12%
 2007: 18%

Massage therapy
 2005: 37%
 2007: 40%

Music/art therapy
 2005: 26%
 2007: 31%

 2005: NA
 2007: 15%

Source: The American Hospital Association

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EU MULHER disse...

Querida amiga, gosto muito de acupuntura. Faço acupuntura há 3 anos e me sinto muito bem. Estou com as sementes de mostarda na orelha, é uma ótima sensação de bem estar.

Mil beijos para você.